Genealogical database of the Bloedel, Palmedo, Weatherbee, and Prentice families. With origins in Germany, France and England.

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The name of Palmedo was a title given to Adolphus Petri of Rostock, Germany to enable him to marry Freifrau Charlotte Grote, being from an aristocratic family she wasn’t able to marry a commoner so hence the 'fictional' title. The Grote family come from a long line of aristocracy dating to before Charlemagne. Huguenot lines are introduced via Otto Grote’s wife Charlotte Wilhelmine von Plato, the Malorties were part of the Court in Celle.

Julius Harold Bloedel was born in Wisconsin to Henry and Maria Bloedel who emigrated from the Rhineland-Pfalz area of Germany. The Bloedel ancestors were Huguenots that fled to Germany from persecution in France. J.H. Bloedel became an important lumber magnate in the Pacific Northwest.

The Prentices emigrated from The British Isles in the early 17th century, they disembarked in Boston and Connecticut and migrated west through New York State into the Western Reserve of Ohio and continued from there.

Mayflower passengers John Alden, Priscilla Mullins and Peter Browne are all direct ancestors of Ameransa Hawes the wife of John A. Prentice, grandparents of Mina Prentice Bloedel.

Also intertwined are many von Richthofens, Snows and Hawes

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